McLaren Flint Renovation Project Provides Quiet Place for Families, Patients and Staff

Author: Sherry Farney

Sometimes in the hospital, renovations are undertaken for expansion or reconfiguration purposes. Others take place because it is time to refresh and renew. No matter the purpose, the goal is always to provide a welcoming environment for both patients and visitors, as well as the best use of space that becomes a source of pride for staff. Other projects are simply unique. One such project is the Reflection Room at McLaren Flint. Formerly known as the Chapel, this renovated room was completed this spring.

“This is a one-of-a-kind space,” said Doug Glazier, vice president, McLaren Flint Foundation. “Located just behind the main lobby, it is a place for anyone to pray, meditate or reflect in a quiet and private location.”

The complete renovation of the entrance and room were made possible through support from many donors. These include members of the McLaren Flint Auxiliary, who made a generous contribution, as well as contributions from hundreds of employees who participated in a yearly campaign overseen by the Foundation, “A Little Change Makes A Big Difference.”

The funds raised annually by the McLaren Flint Auxiliary volunteers always go toward one or more projects at the hospital, which are voted on by the board. The Foundation matches every penny that is donated to the “A Little Change Makes a Big Difference” campaign, making it possible for even more patients and families to receive help beyond clinical care. These donations also allow them to take on special projects like the Reflection Room.

“We know when patients are very ill or having lifesaving procedures, it can be a scary time for them and their loved ones,” said Glazier. “Caring for patients is also emotional for members of our team. Having a place like the Reflection Room allows anyone to take time out to connect with their spiritual or mental health.”

The space received new paint, carpet, lights, cabinetry, and furniture, as well as a new altar and kneeling bench. Limiting the amount of furniture allows for more open space. The cabinetry stores prayer mats and a selection of faith-based literature. The altar and kneeling pad are still familiar to anyone who previously used the room.

“We are grateful for the ongoing generosity of our Auxiliary volunteers and employees,” added Glazier. “We are proud of the philanthropic environment that exists here and how it continues to grow as new employees and volunteers join our organization.”

Major renovations of McLaren Flint’s emergency department are currently underway. More interior and exterior changes, both at the hospital and at offsite patient care locations, are also in the works. The hospital’s continued investment in the campus will be ongoing in 2021 and beyond.