McLaren Flint Staff Are Taking the Fight to COVID-19

We want to salute all our staff who are ready to take THE FIGHT TO COVID, including our first five health care workers to receive Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine on December 17. McLaren employees were some of the first across the United States to receive this important defense against COVID-19.

The number of staff getting inoculated on this historical day was limited but for a good reason. It allowed the hospital to test its vaccination plan to be sure it worked as it was supposed to, and it did. We also want to recognize everyone who helped put that vaccination process in place and our Nursing Education nurses who administered the vaccines that day and will continue to do so.

Those five employees making history were vaccinated in order as listed: Patrick Bryant, RN (Resource); Kathryn Coggins, RN (ICU); Kellie Johnson, Respiratory Therapist; Nicole Wesley, CRNA; and Ravinder Singala, MD (McLaren Flint Hospitalist Group). These staff help represent the continuum of care of those who have been caring for COVID-19 patients the past nine months.

These five employees expressed a range of emotions while getting vaccinated including feelings of gratitude, relief, hope, and joy. They also shared their inoculation journeys with local media by explaining why they chose to get vaccinated. Our very first vaccine recipient summed it up this way.

“I am excited and honored to be chosen as the first McLaren Flint employee to receive the vaccine,” stated Patrick Bryant, RN. “We’ve been dealing with this every day for so long, this has to be done to get back to normal living.”

McLaren Flint and its staff will continue to TAKE THE FIGHT TO COVID until it is defeated and everyone can celebrate the normal way of life we long for.

View photos of the first five staff members receiving the COVID-19 vaccine on the McLaren Flint Facebook page.