McLaren Flint Third Quarter Physician and Allied Health Recognition Awards Presented

Author: Leslie Toldo

Mustafa Alnounou, MD, gastroenterology, is McLaren Flint's third-quarter Physician Recognition Award recipient. Robin Galazka, CRNA, anesthesia department, has recieved the quarterly Allied Health Recognition Award. They were honored in front of their peers at separate ceremonies.

One nominator said, "Dr. Alnounou consistently demonstrates qualities of a good consultant, physician, teacher, and colleague. He treats all of us, residents and faculty, with respect, no matter our level of training, and is always willing to take the time to review a film, walk us through a work-up, or otherwise add to our education and knowledge.

"Dr. Alnounou also responds to our messages promptly and sends procedure results promptly. He is even willing to consult for patients who do not require procedures."

One of Robin's nominators said, "Robin has been a certified registered nurse anesthetist at McLaren Flint for 30 years. Robin is dedicated to patient safety and provides highly skilled anesthesia care. She is often requested to care for coworkers and their families, which is a testament to how trusted she is within the healthcare community."

Congratulations to both of these dedicated professionals for all they do to provide quality care to the patients at McLaren Flint.

The quarterly Physician and Allied Health Recognition Awards acknowledge physicians and members of the medical staff who:

  • Demonstrate compassion and concern for patients and
  • Have cooperative attitudes toward patients, colleagues, and
  • Strive for constituent quality
  • Display leadership and support to the