McLaren Greater Lansing and MSU Health Care Call to “Spread the Word, Save a Life” by Scheduling a Mammogram for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Author: Lindsey Ulrich

"Early detection of breast cancer is the best chance for survival."


October is breast cancer awareness month and the time to encourage women to stay up to date on their routine care and testing for early detection of breast cancer. At the MSU Health Care at McLaren Greater Lansing Breast Imaging Center, the message is clear: Take care of yourself and the ones you love by scheduling a mammogram.

“MSU Health Care and McLaren Greater Lansing joined forces by taking what each of us do best and opening a brand-new breast imaging center at the McLaren health care campus to provide the latest technologies for the Greater Lansing community,” said Colleen Hoffman, radiology administrator for MSU Health Care Incorporated (MSUHCI).

According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer death in women and there is a one in eight chance a woman will develop breast cancer in her life. Often women with breast cancer have no symptoms, making regular breast cancer screenings so important.

“Early detection of breast cancer is the best chance for survival,” said Hoffman.

The breast imaging center gives patients convenient access to the latest advances in breast imaging technologies including 3D mammography (tomosynthesis), bone density testing, breast biopsy systems, and ultrasound, all in a comfortable environment.

Women are encouraged to have routine mammograms yearly starting at the age of 45 and every two years at the age of 55. Risks factors to consider include family history of breast cancer, especially at an early age; history of chest radiation therapy; or having a genetic mutation resulting in an increased risk of breast cancer. Those with increased risks should talk to their primary care doctor.

“Women have to be proactive in their health, including their mammograms and following up with any procedures and tests needed, and this can be done with the support from their loved ones to encourage their family members and friends to get testing done,” said Hoffman. “And for those unfortunate situations where a woman does have cancer, we’re able to continue care right here in one facility and there is no need to go outside of the community.”

Women or their family and friends are encouraged to promote women’s health and screenings by scheduling their mammogram at the breast imaging center. Click here to schedule or click here send a reminder to your loved one.

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