McLaren Greater Lansing Launches Nursing Internship Program

For those interested in a nursing career in the Lansing area, there is now a unique opportunity to gain direct patient care experience while completing your nursing degree.

“We are excited to offer a paid student nursing internship for those currently enrolled in an undergraduate nursing program,” said Jodi Stein, chief nursing officer at McLaren Greater Lansing. “Our future nurses will gain useful bedside patient experience outside of the classroom, as well as clinical time. We understand that with national nursing shortages, hospitals must partner with our local colleges and universities to work creatively together to better prepare our students and increase the pipeline of futures nurses to support our community needs.”  

Internships allow nursing students the opportunity to complement their school-based theory learning by developing necessary clinical experience and skills under the supervision of nursing professionals. This opportunity also enables future nurses to network with potential leaders and colleagues and secure their first nursing position during training.

“The nursing internship program not only familiarizes students with day-to-day aspects in a clinical setting but also allows them a head start in seeking experiences in nursing units that peak their clinical interest,” said Stein.

Nurse interns will work alongside registered nurses performing their daily patient care responsibilities. They will get direct exposure to different nursing units and shifts, and interact with providers, peers, and patients to better understand the rigors involved in the registered nursing role.

To qualify for the nursing internship program, students must actively be actively enrolled in a nursing program and have completed their second semester of nursing clinicals. Those who qualify can apply online. Nurse interns can choose from 6-, 8- or 12-hour shifts, including both day and night shifts.  

“We understand the importance of work-life balance, which is why this program supports the flexibility and opportunity our students need to be successful,” said Stein.  

While future nurses need the foundational education that comes from undergraduate nursing programs, internships allow the student to gain real-time experience in their future career field.  McLaren has been a strong supporter of nursing education and has worked collaboratively to ensure that nursing students have a great learning experience during their clinical time.

“Nursing internship can test your clinical skills outside of a structured classroom setting and are unique in helping build professional relationships and knowledge that you can carry over into your first nursing role,” said Shannon Scott, MSN, RN, nursing program director at Lansing Community College. “We’re excited to partner with McLaren to offer this opportunity to our students.”  

The internship program is now open for applications. To apply, click here.

McLaren Greater Lansing is a subsidiary of McLaren Health Care, headquartered in Grand Blanc, Michigan, and includes 14 hospitals throughout the state of Michigan. 

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