McLaren Greater Lansing Primary Care Providers Serve as Your Hub to Good Health

What would happen if you never changed the oil in your car or checked the batteries in your smoke detector? We all do preventive maintenance with things in our everyday lives, but many people still do not regularly see a primary care doctor to do the same for their health.

Thankfully, with locations in Lansing, East Lansing, Okemos, Eaton Rapids, Williamston, Holt, Dewitt, and Portland, primary care from McLaren Greater Lansing primary care providers is closer to home than ever before.

A primary care provider serves as your family’s first line of defense from everyday health issues and can help catch diseases earlier through screening and testing, when more treatment options are available. “Being faced with a medical emergency can be an overwhelming experience for anyone,” said Joseph Van Ark, M.D., McLaren Greater Lansing – Eaton Rapids primary care provider. “Primary care providers diligently work to minimize the likelihood of patients being in that position.”

An annual physical is the building block of establishing a complete picture of your health history with your doctor and gives you a time to address any health concerns you may have from the past year. “During an annual physical exam, I discuss a patient’s personal health, happiness, and goals,” said Dr. Van Ark. “This includes considering family history and additional risks.”

Beyond just annual physicals, your primary care provider can serve as your family’s medical home, being the hub when specialty care is needed. “Your primary care provider knows your health history well,” said Dr. Van Ark. “This is especially valuable if chronic conditions exist and multiple specialties and services are needed.”

Primary care providers also offer unparalleled convenience for families, as they see patients of all ages at one location. “I see everyone from babies to great-grandparents,” said Dr. Van Ark. “All members of a family can see the same physician without worry of having to switch to another provider due to age or medical condition.”

The ease of being able to take your whole family to the same doctor can help fit visits in with your busy schedule thanks to same-day and next-day appointments that are often available for patients of McLaren Greater Lansing’s primary care providers.

Many of McLaren Greater Lansing’s primary care providers are accepting new patients click here to see a full list of providers near you.