McLaren Macomb Wound Care Center expands services, Dr. Cuppari named medical director

The McLaren Macomb Wound Care Center will soon expand its services as it comes under the leadership of vascular surgeon Dr. Joseph Cuppari.

With Dr. Cuppari as the program’s medical director, the Wound Care Center aims to grow from its current capacity by offering patients expanded treatment options.

“The top priority will always be patient healing,” Dr. Cuppari said. “Many of our patients’ wounds are the result of a pre-existing condition, so we approach our treatments as a continuum of their overall care, their overall healing. Expanding the program and our capabilities to accommodate a greater patient population will only add to that healing.”

A key addition to the Center’s expansion will be a Healogics hyperbaric oxygen therapy unit, scheduled to come online in the spring of 2021.

A pressurized chamber in which the patient breathes in pure oxygen, HBOT treatments enable the lungs to take in more oxygen. After multiple treatments, patients can see noticeable improvement in the healing of their chronic wounds.

For patients suffering from hard-to-heal wounds, the Wound Care Center is staffed with providers and nurses trained in specialized and advanced wound care techniques. The inter-disciplinary team includes general, vascular and plastic surgeons, infectious disease physicians, dermatologists and podiatrists.