McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation Honors Fay Buhl for Exceptional Contributions and Years of Service

McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation honored Fay Buhl with the Jack Clark Philanthropy and Service Award at the McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation annual donor appreciation event on July 15, 2019. The award was presented by Elise F. Hayes, Chair of the McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation Board of Trustees.

“Fay has given so much to the hospital over the past 55 years,” said Hayes. “Fay has advocated tirelessly to support our hospital through numerous transitions and has been dedicated and engaged with a never-ending willingness to help. The impact this one woman has had on our hospital and community is immeasurable, and we are deeply grateful for all she has done and continues to do on our behalf.”

Recipients of the Jack Clark Philanthropy and Service Award are nominated by a McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation Board ad-hoc committee. The recipients are dedicated leaders and philanthropists who provide the Foundation with direction and serve as its advocates throughout our northern Michigan communities.

Buhl served on the Foundation Board from 1998 to 2006. Upon stepping down from the Board, she joined the McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation Advisory Council and continues to serve on it today.

“I am very honored to receive this award, particularly because I knew Jack Clark well,” Buhl said. “It was also special to have Tom Fairburn at the event, who was the first award winner. I have been involved with the hospital for many years, and I think it is wonderful that so many people are giving to support the new building. It is important for our community to have a world-class hospital.”

Buhl’s late husband, Lawrence Buhl, Jr. was awarded the Jack Clark Philanthropy and Service Award in 2009. Additional past recipients include Thomas Fairbairn, Sr., Miles Trumble, MD, Walter Fisher, John Demmer, The Offield Family Foundation—Jim and Packy Offield, Elise F. Hayes, Ann P. Stallkamp, Robert “Ham” Schirmer, and Susanna Souder.

“We are deeply grateful for Fay and for all of our Jack Clark Award winners,” said Patrick Schulte, Vice President and Chief Development Officer of the McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation. “They represent what it means to give generously of their time and resources for an important cause. All of them have supported the hospital in many ways, and this is our small way of honoring them and celebrating their accomplishments.”

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