McLaren Port Huron awards scholarships

Port Huron, MI – McLaren Port Huron and its health care partners have awarded $28,000 in scholarships to 23 students pursuing degrees in professions represented in the hospital and the community. Since 1988, 501 recipients have received $587,750 through the scholarship program.

Scholarships are funded by the Carter family, Demashkieh family, McLaren Port Huron Auxiliary, McLaren Port Huron employees, McLaren Port Huron Employees That Care Club, and McLaren Port Huron Foundation.

The 2020 scholarship recipients are:

Demashkieh Family Scholarships: Morgan Alexis of Port Huron, Noel Cosby of Port Huron, and Daniele Soper of Lexington.

McLaren Port Huron Auxiliary Scholarship:  Danyel Bullock of Brown City and Andrew Wetter of Emmett.

McLaren Port Huron Auxiliary Seminar/Conference Scholarship:  Sharon Kortas of East China and Patricia St. Louis of Port Huron.

McLaren Port Huron Employees That Care Scholarships:  Courtney Lundy and Nicole Young of Port Huron.

McLaren Port Huron Employee Scholarships:  Andrew Chandler of Port Huron, Jennifer Guertin of Port Huron, and Lawren Ruiz of Fort Gratiot.

McLaren Port Huron Foundation Nursing Scholarship:  Melissa Davey of Marysville, Cassidy Ferranti of Jeddo, and Tiffany Steele of Burtchville.

Shirley Jardine Carter Memorial Scholarship for Rehab Services:
  Katlynn Ahearn of Fort Gratiot, Nicole Booms of Harbor Beach, Miranda Coombs of Lexington, Emily DiNardo of St. Clair, Tyler Drabant of Lexington, Mary Kaitlyn Healey of Ferndale, Courtney Ingles of Columbus, and Madison O’Neill of Clyde.

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