McLaren Thumb and Caro Regions Relax Visitor Restrictions

With a 64% improvement in COVID-19 cases across Michigan and a reduction of COVID-19 patients in the region, McLaren Caro Region and McLaren Thumb Region will implement relaxed visitor restrictions. McLaren recognizes the importance of visitation in the healing process of our patients and welcome limited visitation to our hospital facilities.

In order to ensure the continued safety of our staff, providers, patients and community, visitors will be expected to adhere to the visitation guidelines for non-COVID-19 patients:

  • Each inpatient and Emergency Room patient may have one healthy adult visitor.
  • Pediatric patients may have up to two healthy adult visitors (parents or legal guardians).
  • Obstetrical patients may have up to two support persons.
  • Patients being evaluated for or on hospice care or nearing the end of life may have two visitors.
  • Patients with scheduled outpatient procedures may bring one healthy adult visitor.

“Throughout each stage of the pandemic, our team’s decision-making has remained rooted in providing safe, quality care for our patients,” said Michael Johnston, President and CEO of McLaren Thumb Region and McLaren Caro Region. “We have carefully measured this decision with adherence to the current CDC recommendations and with consideration of the local situations for each individual care facility.”

COVID-19 cases in McLaren facilities have significantly declined over the past several months. With the advancement of visitor modifications, McLaren is committed to supporting our patients in their care needs.

“We can safely sustain visitors following these restrictions and encourage those who desire medical care to feel confident in seeking the care of our health providers,” said Johnston.