McLaren’s “TCU” Offers a Safe Bridge Between a Hospital Stay and Returning Home

Author: Sam Roth

Hospital stays for acute conditions can leave some patients requiring additional care for chronic medical conditions or even assistance with daily routines. A transitional care unit (TCU) is a specialized nursing home that bridges the gap from the care they receive in the hospital to safely returning home. McLaren Lapeer Region offers one such unit conveniently located within the hospital.

What is a Transitional Care Unit? This specialized unit provides skilled nursing care and therapy services to residents who need additional care after their hospital stay. The multidisciplinary care team works closely with the resident and their family to create an individualized plan of care centered around their return to independence.

“The goal of our unit is to ensure that our residents can gain the strength and skills they need to safely return home and regain their independence,” said Vishnu Sharma, MD, Medical Director of the Transitional Care Unit at McLaren Lapeer Region. “We provide an array of services and therapies to help residents reach their goals, while staying in a more relaxed environment.”

While admitted into the transitional care unit residents can receive a variety of services including: physical therapy; speech therapy; occupational therapy; social services; wound management; respiratory therapy; dietary services; and additional specialty services including emergency medicine, diagnostic imaging, lab services and pharmacy. Since the goal of the transitional care unit is to provide independence, to qualify for admission, residents must be able to participate in daily therapy to restore their maximum level of strength and functioning.

What are some advantages of McLaren’s Transitional Care Units? Since McLaren’s Transitional Care Unit is located within the hospital, residents have immediate access to an on-site physician 24 hours a day, including emergency services. They also have access to services such as laboratory and radiology on-site. With a specialized team of highly trained and specialized staff, the residents in their care are receiving the best services possible to gain independence and return home.

What should I expect while staying in a Transitional Care Unit? The typical stay in a transitional care unit is between two to three weeks. During this period the care team, including the resident’s physician, will work with the resident to ensure he or she is making their goals and have an effective treatment plan. A resident can expect daily therapy as well as a variety of fun activities to keep their stay in the unit as enjoyable as possible. Before discharge, the team will ensure all the pre-established goals have been set, allowing the resident to return home safely.

How can I learn more? McLaren Lapeer Region is one of many resources for a Transitional Care Unit. To learn more about the services that McLaren can provide, please visit If you or a loved one need services and have more questions, please contact the unit directly at (810) 667-5588.