Oleson Foundation awards $50,000 Matching Grant to support McLaren Northern Michigan Building Project

The Oleson Foundation presented a $25,000 check to the McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation for the first installment in a matching grant for the Building the Future of Health Care Capital Campaign. The second check for $25,000 will be distributed in January.

The Oleson Foundation wanted to support the construction project and liked the idea of offering a matching grant to inspire community giving. For every $1 received from an individual and designated in support of the Building the Future of Health Care project, the Oleson Foundation agreed to match up to $50,000. More than 150 people chose to contribute to the Foundation in response to the matching gift, donating a total of $72,121 toward the project. With the gift from the Oleson Foundation, the total raised equaled $122,121.

“The entire Oleson Foundation Board of Trustees is thrilled with the tremendous enthusiasm with which this community responded to the matching grant,” said Kathy Huschke, Executive Director of the Oleson Foundation. “This shows us that this community is very supportive of the project and enthusiastic about the hospital expansion. We are delighted to be a partner in this exciting venture!”

“The McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation would like to thank the Oleson Foundation as well as the over 1,200 contributors to this campaign,” said Patrick Schulte, Vice President and Chief Development Officer, McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation. “This generosity continues to inspire our community members to join in support of this transformational project. Every single gift—no matter the size—has helped push us toward our goal, and we are grateful for the support.”

Construction for the project is underway. Steel beams are currently being placed to allow the structure to be enclosed by winter so that inside construction can continue. For more details about the project, and to learn how you can participate by making a donation, visit McLarenNorthernBuilds.org, or call 231-487-3500 to speak with someone from the Foundation. To see current photographs and updates on the project construction, follow the McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation and McLaren Northern Michigan on Facebook.