Pulmonary Function Testing - Now in Gaylord

pulmonary function testingThe McLaren Northern Michigan Gaylord Specialty Clinic is pleased to announce they are now offering Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT), a non-invasive breathing test that shows how well the lungs are working.

With this new PFT equipment in Gaylord, pediatric to adult patients have a quick, easy, and complete test that can help in the diagnosis and treatment of certain lung disorders including but not limited to asthma, COPD, and emphysema. The tests are read by board-certified pulmonologists on medical staff at McLaren Northern Michigan practicing with the Center of Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine.

“What is great about this service, is we can perform Methacholine Challenge Studies,” state Dwayne Griffin, DO, Medical Director of the McLaren Northern Michigan Sleep Center. “This specific test assists in the diagnosis of asthma. This is an invaluable tool that assists primary care physicians in aiding them to make a clear diagnosis.  We are proud to be the only provider in this area to offer this test.”

In addition to the diagnosis of lung disease, the new Pulmonary Function Testing equipment can help to determine the effects of medications prescribed for heart disease or cancer.