Recently diagnosed with cancer: The surgery options you can choose from

Surgery for cancer is often complex and requires special training. The Karmanos Cancer Network has board-certified, fellowship-trained surgical oncologists who are experts in their field. Many specialize in specific procedures and utilize minimally invasive techniques to speed postoperative recovery and optimize patient outcomes.

Cancer patients may need surgery for a variety of reasons. Surgery may be potentially curative, palliative (to relieve symptoms and improve quality of life), diagnostic, or any combination of these goals. For some patients, surgery may be all they need, but for others, they may also need additional therapies before or after their operation.

Karmanos and McLaren patients have access to general surgical procedures throughout Michigan, with more complex and advanced cases being treated at Karmanos Cancer Center in Detroit. With a staff of physicians who are highly devoted to cancer and respected in their fields, Karmanos surgical oncologists offer numerous minimally invasive options ranging from endoscopic to laparoscopic to robotic surgery. Some surgical oncology options within the Network are listed on the Surgical Oncology page.

If minimally invasive robotic surgery is an option for a patient’s case, the physician will explain the pros and cons. Karmanos surgical oncologists offer robotic procedures for cases of gynecologic, laryngeal, pharyngeal, thoracic (lung), thyroid, and urologic (kidney, bladder, prostate, and more) cancers. These procedures result in smaller incisions, less pain and shorter hospital stays.

Being diagnosed with cancer will bring up many treatment questions. Team members throughout the Karmanos Cancer Network are happy to review your options, whether they include surgery or not. Contact your local Karmanos Cancer Institute location today to schedule a consultation.

For more information on surgical oncology options at Karmanos, click here.