Specialized Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Services Available in Genesee County

Pelvic Floor Therapy, Including Incontinence, and Stroke Rehabilitation Among the Specialty Services Offered

Author: Sherry Farney

McLaren Flint Rehabilitation and Therapy Services offer a wide range of physical therapy, sports medicine, neurologic rehabilitation, vestibular therapy for balance and dizziness, lymphedema treatment, and women’s rehabilitation services.

 McLaren offers a comprehensive Women's Therapy Program in the following treatment areas: pelvic pain, incontinence, bowel problems, lymphedema, osteoporosis, and postural change, pre-surgical and post-surgical pelvic floor, post-surgical breast cancer, pregnancy back pain, and postpartum musculoskeletal issues.

“Most people still do not know physical therapy is a treatment for many women’s conditions such as urinary incontinence and pelvic pain,” said Lisa Priestap, a physical therapist with the Women’s Therapy Program at McLaren Flint. “There is also a misconception among those who have heard about pelvic floor therapy thinking it only involves learning Kegel exercises. The therapy always includes education and behavioral work and depending on the situation the use of weights or a biofeedback machine.

"The whole philosophy is awareness and control of the muscles associated with the problem. I am passionate about helping people with these very personal issues and it is amazing to see the positive changes in their lives by the end of therapy.”

McLaren Flint also offers services through their Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute. The staff are nationally Certified Brain Injury Specialists (CBIS) through the Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists (ACBIS). The clinic offers specialized outpatient services to help people overcome disabilities associated with neurological conditions, such as: CVA, brain injury, Parkinson's, spinal cord injury and other conditions. These services include: outpatient therapy services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, social work, cognitive and visual perceptual retraining, independent living skills, therapeutic recreation, academic skills assistance, individual, group and family therapies, neuropsychological testing, and driver retraining.

“Our Neurologic Rehabilitation Clinic is one of the most comprehensive and specialized outpatient programs in Genesee County,” said Ahmed Baig, Director of Outpatient Physical Therapy at McLaren Flint. “We are driven to help people overcome a variety of neurological conditions. Our goal is to help each patient live independently, re-enter the workforce or return to school.”

In addition to the above services, McLaren Rehabilitation and Therapy Services offers free pain and balance screenings. Please call (810) 342-2356 to schedule your 20-minute screening. A physical therapist will determine if you would benefit from physical therapy. For therapy locations and services visit mclaren.org/flintrehab.