Summer Safety Tips

Summer Safety Tips

Northern Michigan is known for its beautiful lakes, breath-taking trails and delicious restaurants. Stay safe this summer while enjoy all Northern Michigan has to offer. Jessica Panoff, PA-C, with McLaren Northern Michigan MedCenter in Petoskey.

Always Wear a Lifejacket
• Nearly 85% of individuals who drown while boating were not wearing a lifejacket.
• Two-thirds of drowning victims are considered good swimmers.

Check Water Temperature – How Cold is Too Cold?
• Here’s a guide for water temperature and how it affects the body:
o Below 77 degrees: breathing begins to be affected.
o 70-60 degrees: difficult to control breathing and hold breath.
o 60-50 degrees: Cannot gain control of breathing once lost. Begin to lose control of limbs after a few minutes of submersion.
o Below 40 degrees: Water is painfully cold. Total loss of breathing control.

Don’t Drink and Boat
• You wouldn’t consider drinking alcohol and driving a car, a boat is no different.
• Alcohol can be more hazardous on water than on land due to marine environment accelerating alcohol effects.

Be Your Own Lifeguard
• Ensure everyone can swim well. If they can’t, use a lifejacket.
• Learn CPR.
• Never leave children unattended by water, even when a lifeguard is present.

Wearing Appropriate Hiking Shoes
• Wearing proper hiking shoes protect your feet against bruising, abrasion from wilderness terrain and exposure to insects and poison ivy.

Make a Survival Pack
• Keep a backpack with a first aid kit, change of clothes, non-perishable snacks and water bottles in your vehicle. Make sure to have enough for each member of the family.

Stay Cool – Remember Water, Rest and Shade
• Wear light colored clothing to reflect the sunlight.
• Wear clothes that breath.
• Wear a hat and sunglasses.
• Stay hydrated with cold water and fluids with electrolytes.
• Seek shade to avoid heat stroke.

Firework Precautions
• Obey local laws.
• Read cautionary labels and descriptions before igniting.
• Never give fireworks to children.
• Alcohol and fireworks do not mix.
• Wear safety glasses when shooting fireworks.
• Create a safety zone of 30 feet or more.
• Have a bucket of water and charged water hose nearby.