The Q&As about McLaren Health Plan

Author: Lindsey Ulrich

Health insurance can be difficult to navigate. It’s important to know how and where to get care for you and your family while understanding how to make the most of your health insurance coverage at McLaren Health Plan.

Jeff Romback, vice president of strategic business operations, answers some common questions about McLaren Health Plan’s options.

If you have McLaren Health Plan, are you limited to going only to McLaren hospitals and offices?

The McLaren Health Plan has 82,000 providers and 153 hospitals under contract making health care easily accessible throughout Michigan.

“While you are not limited to just McLaren facilities, there is an advantage if you use one of our providers or locations,” said Romback. “Through our coordinated service and partnership with McLaren facilities, you are able to get the care you need with fast in-network coverage.”

Is there a Medicare plan through McLaren Health Plan?

McLaren offers a wide range of plans available to meet your needs, including Medicare and Medicaid.

“We offer a Medicare Advantage plan along with a duals’ plan for those eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid,” said Romback.

If I am self-employed, are there individual plans available?

“We have robust individual plans including a virtual care plan that allows you to see your provider without leaving your home,” said Romback. “We also have varying deductibles and plan options to suit anyone’s needs.”

Individuals can work with an associate to find the best plan for themselves and their qualified dependents. Tax credits may be available to qualified individuals.

How can an employer start offering McLaren Health Plan?

Employers can talk with their insurance broker to get quotes on the different plans available or call McLaren Health Plan directly.

“We’re not only a Michigan-based plan, but part of a Michigan-based health system that can provide value along the entire continuum from plan, to service, to care,” said Romback.

Members have added benefits, including the use of the McLarenNow app for urgent care needs. Members can check their insurance cards for a number to call to help find a provider wherever they are. And for emergency care, members have access to a nationwide emergency care network.

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