Visitor Restrictions Relaxed at McLaren Caro Region and McLaren Thumb Region

At this Time, One Healthy Visitor Per Patient Per Day Will be Permitted

Starting tomorrow, February 18, McLaren Caro Region and McLaren Thumb Region will allow one healthy visitor per patient per day.

There are a few important exceptions to note:

  • Pediatric patients are allowed two visitors.
  • Obstetrics patients in active labor are allowed a birth coach in addition to one visitor.
  • Pastoral care visits are permitted and do not count towards the allowed number of visitors.
All approved necessary visitors are required to be screened for COVID symptoms prior to entering the building.

All visitors will be required to adhere to the established PPE policy and must wear a mask at all times, including while in the patient’s room. Visitors who are observed not wearing a mask, may be escorted out of the hospital.

Additional visitors may be allowed if they meet one of the following criteria, and approval is granted by administration including:

  • A visitor who is a family member, here to see a patient during imminent death, under direct care of the facility
  • Additional exigent circumstances (to be determined on a case-by-case basis)
For surgical, procedural, and other outpatient areas:
  • For visitors who are waiting to drive a patient home after receiving care including sedation, surgical, or cardiovascular procedures:
  • One visitor may be allowed if they pass the COVID screening.
  • A visitor who fails the screening will be asked to wait in their vehicle until the patient procedure is complete.
  • The visitor who is asked to wait outside, will be asked to provide a phone number for the physician to call after the patient’s procedure.
  • The phone number should be given to the patient to share with their health care physician at the time of the department check-in.
  • The patient will be escorted to the exit to be picked up by their visitor.
Any patient who has tested positive for COVID, or who is on droplet precautions awaiting test results, will not be able to have visitors unless they meet exigent circumstances, and have been approved by administration.

"Patients need the support from loved ones, we understand visitors play a large role in the healing process of our patients," said Connie Koutouzos, President and CEO of McLaren Caro Region and McLaren Thumb Region. "We have consistently been assessing the appropriate response as we monitor COVID within our communities. Our standard has remained to always do the best for our patients and provide them with a safe healing environment. We thank the community for their continued support and patience as we have made adjustments to our policy throughout the pandemic, we look forward to incrementally welcoming visitors again."

As visitation policies change, McLaren will continue to keep patients and the community informed. Find the latest visitation policies for each subsidiary by visiting or