Volunteers Needed for Advisory Council

patient with physicianMcLaren Northern Michigan hospital is seeking community members to serve on the Patient and Family Advisory Council.

Working side by side with hospital leaders, the individual should be committed to share meaningful and thoughtful input, respect others, listen, and work with a team to make McLaren Northern Michigan the best it can be.

Candidates for the Patient and Family Advisory Council must have had an inpatient or outpatient interaction at McLaren Northern Michigan, preferably within the last year. As a former patient, or family member of one, you have valuable insights, recommendations, and experiences that can help improve processes, provide timely feedback, and connect the organization to the communities it serves.

“We value the experience and perspectives of our patients and their families,” stated Jennifer Woods, MSN, RN, Vice President of Nursing and Chief Nursing Officer at McLaren Northern Michigan. “Patient satisfaction, quality, and safety have always been a priority and focus at McLaren Northern Michigan. The Patient and Family Advisory Council will contribute to the improvement and continuation of quality care close to home.”

Members of the Patient and Family Advisory Council will be required to meet once a month and serve a minimum of one year. To apply, contact Toni Moriarty-Smith at (231) 487-3066 or tmsmith@northernhealth.org. To apply online, visit: www.mclaren.org/northernPFAC