“We soon found that those taking care of him were earth angels.”

Family of heart attack patient thankful for the care he received: “Words cannot express my gratitude.”

The family of a patient recently cared for at McLaren Northern Michigan share their gratitude.

On Jan. 10, our family’s world was turned upside down.

I received a call from my brother at 12:30 a.m. that my dad had a massive heart attack. He and my mom were driving up to McLaren Northern Michigan in Petoskey to be with my dad. I quickly gathered a duffle bag, stuffed it with essentials, and was on my way.

By the time I made it to the ICU, it was 4:30 a.m. Upon first glance, I noticed my dad was up to a plethora of lines and devices. A slew of nursing staff and doctors congregated around my dad’s bedside.

While trying to process the magnitude of the situation, we were then asked that we leave my father’s room. My dad could need further CPR as his heart was not in sinus rhythm. We all collapsed in disbelief, that this was our reality.

As we were sitting outside in the waiting room, the head nurse, Stephanie, kept repeating, “Your dad is really sick.”

We then learned that my dad had experienced a massive heart attack, followed by a second heart attack. He was given CPR for a total of 45 minutes, six of those minutes without a heartbeat. She then indicated that an Impella device was implanted, which was helping profuse my dad’s heart. He was also on a ventilator and that chances for survival were slim.

Everything was out of control … everything. The only thing we could do was pray. Pray for my father and those taking care of him.

We soon found out that those taking care of him were earth angels.

Dr. Stephen Mattichak, interventional cardiologist

Thank you for saving my father’s life with the stent you placed in his heart, and the Impella device you deemed necessary. You saved my father — a husband, grandfather, and brother. Words cannot express my gratitude

Nick, nurse

Thank you for being the calm in the storm. Your calm demeanor allowed us to remain hopeful when all hope seemed to be lost. Your peaceful approach and ability to deliver current news without added negativity was a blessing. You have a true gift. I am forever grateful that someone like you has become part of my father’s story and our lives.

Ally, nurse

Thank you for being no nonsense. You worked tirelessly to prescribe medications in 12-plus lines. Your attention to detail and diligence is extraordinary. Thank you for keeping my father alive during those critical hours.

Stephanie, nurse

Thank you for volunteering to be the perfusionist who would transport my father by air. Without you, he would not have had the critical care he so desperately needed.


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