Welcome to The Offield Family Pavilion

Our New Hospital Wing

The Offield Family Pavilion, a four-story, 182,000 sq. foot addition, features:

  • Private patient rooms.
  • Expanded 24-bed Intensive Care Unit, 34-bed Cardiovascular Unit, new 34-bed Orthopedic/Surgical Unit and 12 observation beds- all equipped with smart technology
  • 10 new operating room suites with 4K technology and a new sterilization processing department
  • Convenient parking close to the new main entrance
  • Improved wayfinding with letter and color-coded signs from the parking lot to the hospital entrances
  • More than 200 pieces of art from Michigan artists to enhance the healing environment

Enhancing the Patient Experience
Patients can expect state-of-the-art technology with a peaceful, healing environment to complement the nationally recognized care at McLaren Northern Michigan. McLaren has been named one of the nation's top 100 hospitals - two years in a row.

An Experience Unlike Any Other
With patient’s wellbeing at the forefront, every patient room is equipped with smart technology, creating one of the most technologically advanced in-room experiences anywhere.

  • Electronic White Board - Improved Communication: Displays the care team and care plan in real time plus gives patients verbal and visual safety alerts in times of safety concerns.
  • Smart Badge - Direct Connect: Worn by the care team, this hands-free badge connects patients to the care team for immediate response.
  • Smart Bed - Enhanced Safety.
  • Bedside Tablet - Entertainment, Education & E-Connectivity: Similar to an iPad, the tablet offers mobile apps for entertainment and health education. Video chat camera, TV controls and web browsing features connect patients to caregivers, the virtual nurse, family, TV and the web.
  • Virtual Nurse - Constant Care: This added member of the care team doesn’t take away from the bedside care but enhances it. The virtual nurse is ready to answer family and patient questions, review test results and discuss discharge planning at the touch of a button.

Healing in Privacy
Private rooms mean patients have greater control of their environment and can get the rest and peace needed to heal. Room aesthetics are designed to aid in recovery and reduce stress with water views, natural light and therapeutic colors.

It’s All About The Details – 4K is Here
With four times the resolution of High Definition (HD), 4K technology provides our surgeons superior image detail for greater precision. Our specialists are also able to collaborate with experts across the globe in real time using 4K streaming while operating. And, we designed our 10 state-of-the-art operating rooms to meet the needs of health care today and well into the future.

Additionally, our patients can feel confident knowing our operating room team is backed by a sterilization processing department that uses the latest in sterilization equipment.

The Healing Power of Art
The power of art plays a tremendous role in healing both mind and body. Art plays a role in achieving positive changes in the body such as lowering blood pressure and heart rate, decreasing muscle tension and reducing cortisol stress levels. More than 200 pieces of art from nearly 100 Michigan artists - many from Northern Michigan - were hand-selected to serve as a visual comfort to patients and families.