White Glove Award presented for excellence in cleanliness at McLaren

Author: Jon Adamy


"I make sure our environmental
services staff knows they are 
life savers.”

When it comes to outstanding patient care, teamwork matters. That’s why McLaren Greater Lansing presents the White Glove Award for excellence in cleanliness standards for environmental services and unit staff.

The White Glove Award is an honor for both environmental services technicians and staff whom they work alongside every day to maintain a clean and safe area for patients. The inaugural award was recently presented to 6 North and environmental technician Tina Olmstead for being the highest scoring unit for patient satisfaction on cleanliness of their bathrooms.

“Tina is an incredibly hard worker,” said Tony Yeo, manager of environmental services. “She’s very dependable and takes great pride in her job.”

Olmstead has been part of the McLaren family for more than 25 years and says her favorite part of her job is the opportunity to make a connection with patients. “You might be the only person a patient has chance to really talk to that day,” said Olmstead. “Housekeepers interact with a lot of patients, and I really enjoy listening and getting their feedback.”

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, McLaren’s environmental services staff have gone above and beyond their already stringent standards by disinfecting high-touch surfaces even more frequently.

“I make sure our environmental services staff knows they are life savers,” said Yeo. “While our team is always making sure patients have a clean area to heal and recover, we’re also here for every patient, every time, to listen to their needs and make sure they’re comfortable.”

McLaren Greater Lansing is looking for dedicated people to join its environmental services team. To learn more about current career opportunities, click here.