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OHX Microscope

OHX Microscope

The OHX microscope, by Leica Microsystems, is equipped with a camera that projects what the surgeon is seeing onto high-definition screens throughout the operating room. This allows the entire surgical team to be in sync with the surgeon for every second of the surgery. The special lenses in the microscope allows our surgeons to see in fine detail to navigate complex spinal structures with precision.

Benefits of the OHX Microscope:

  • Precision Optics – A bright, shadow-free view with enhanced depth of field and resolution to support all surgical actions.
  • Workflow efficiency – Simple set-up and 600 mm working distance for complete flexibility.
  • Effortless positioning - Combines a compact footprint with superior overhead clearance and reach for cross-table spine set-ups.
  • Versatility - Allows customization of microscope with different video and imaging options.

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