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Open Bore MRI

Open Bore MRI

MRI units are large, non-invasive devices that use radio waves and a strong magnetic field to provide clear, detailed images of internal organs and tissues.

MRI generates very clear images of soft-tissue structures near and around bones that other imaging techniques, such as X-ray, cannot produce. This clarity makes it the most sensitive exam for spinal and joint problems and is also used to diagnose and evaluate internal organs for various diseases and disorders.

Using the latest development in imaging equipment, open bore MRI offers a more comfortable exam experience for patients while allowing medical staff to conduct high-quality MR imaging. The patient-friendly features comfort patients with claustrophobia, as the system we utilize has one of the largest and widest open bores available, nearly 20 percent larger than similar systems. This type of MRI can accommodate patients small and large and has a table that can support up to 440 pounds. Providing plenty of shoulder and breathing room, there is more space around the patient's head, limiting the time they are fully enclosed.

It allows feet-first imaging capabilities for shoulder, lumbar and thoracic spine exams. New technology offers a dramatic reduction in acoustic noise for an improved patient experience, and motion correction software helps to eliminate involuntary patient motion during exams. It also provides higher quality MRI breast exams and biopsies, as well as exams focusing on blood vessels without the use of contrast dyes. McLaren Central Michigan also offers more sedation options for pediatric and extremely claustrophobic patients.

Benefits of the open-bore MRI

  • Strongest magnet in the area - produces high-quality images faster
  • Provides higher quality MRI breast exams and biopsies
  • The ultra-short open-bore is 20% larger than similar systems
  • 70% of procedures can be performed feet-first, with the patient's head remaining outside the imaging bore
  • Noise levels are reduced by up to 90%, alleviating patients' No. 1 complaint
  • Uses contrast dye-free techniques
  • The MRI table goes lower than 17 inches, better accommodating pediatric and geriatric patients
  • Patients can raise their legs or lie on their side during the exam

Comfort During Your MRI

  • Wear comfortable clothing with no metal (if possible)
  • Feel free to bring a music CD from home to listen to during your test
  • Satellite radio is also available for your enjoyment
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