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Cardiac Pacemaker

Sometimes patients with abnormally slow heart rhythms, or congestive heart failure require the use of a pacemaker. This device helps to coordinate the pumping action of the heart by sending electrical signals, allowing the heart to pump more effectively.

Pacemakers may also be used to stop the heart from triggering impulses or from sending extra impulses. These are called cardioverter defibrillators.

A pacemaker is a small, implantable device. It is made up of two parts - a pulse generator, which includes the battery and several electronic circuits, and leads, which are wires that are attached to the heart wall. Depending on the type of pacemaker to be used, there may be one, two or three leads.

About the procedure: Most pacemaker surgery is done under anesthesia. The patient is typically asleep during the procedure, which usually takes between one and three hours.


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