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Patient Assessment

Patient Assessment

patient assessment

Turning and Repositioning

Use friction reducing devices (FRDs) whenever patient is manually moved in bed

If patient does not move easily with FRD, use a repositioning sling and an overhead or floor-based lift. (remember that the repo slings have loops and cannot be used with a clip attachment lift)

Always have patient assist with as much as they are able to. 

Lateral Transfers

If patient requires assistance to move from one surface to another, use a FRD to assist.

If patient does not slide easily with FRD, a dependent sling like Maxisky, Maximove or Tenor should be used to perform the transfer. 

Bed to Chair Transfers

If patient requires more than minimal assistance to get from lying to sitting, then a device should be used.

How heavy is the patient? How much help do they need? See table on next slide. 


If the patient requires more than minimal assistance to stand and walk, a device should be used.

See Ambulation table.