James Doull, MD, McLaren Northern Michigan Digestive Health - Thank You

"I would like to thank Dr. James Doull for basically saving my life... the gratitude that I feel for him and his nurse Lori... well it just leaves myself and my wife speechless. I came to him looking like I was on my death bed; skinny, no color, slumped over in a wheel chair not able to hardly talk and could not even walk and just plain looking like I was going to die any minute. This, this Dr. took me from that to now where I have my life back. I still have ulcerative colitis but it’s under control because of him and his fantastic staff... Lori his nurse should get a special grats to for all her hard work to get me where I am today also... this dr. and nurse are not just that they are my friends and can trust them with my life .. and truly have done just that. I currently still under his care and I am very proud to be. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."