Pharmacy Services

About McLaren-Walgreens Collaboration

Walgreens and McLaren Health Care have reached an enterprise agreement for Walgreens to purchase retail pharmacies from McLaren, build health clinics, urgent care and primary care centers in select retail locations throughout Michigan and expand access for McLaren employees and patients. Whether you are a patient leaving the hospital or a McLaren employee looking for convenience, Walgreens and McLaren are working together on your behalf.

All patient files from McLaren retail pharmacies have been transferred to Walgreens. Patients can conveniently pick up their medications at Walgreens-owned pharmacies at McLaren or other Walgreens pharmacies in Michigan. While some pharmacies have been consolidated, McLaren patients and employees can access prescriptions at any Walgreens locations (for first-time patients, mention you are a McLaren patient).

Walgreens has acquired and is operating three pharmacies from McLaren Health Care.

Walgreens pharmacy services can be found here.

For McLaren patients

Patients at McLaren Bay Region and McLaren Port Huron will have the convenient option of receiving bedside delivery of prescriptions at no additional charge. With Bedside Delivery, medications are delivered to the bedside before the patient leaves, avoiding a stop at the pharmacy on the way home.

Bedside Delivery benefits patients by proactively addressing any insurance related issues, such as medications not covered, prior authorizations required, and unaffordable copays prior to discharge. Bedside Delivery also ensures any items that might require clarification with the prescription order such as dosage, medication shortages, or directions for use are able to be addressed before the patient is discharged.

Discharge Rx:

Patients at McLaren hospitals without an on-site pharmacy can opt to participate in Walgreens modified Discharge Rx service to have their prescriptions ready for pickup at Walgreens near the hospital. Delivery Rx provides convenience to patients by reducing the time it takes to fill prescriptions and allows patients to pick them up on their way home.