Proton Therapy

Proton therapy is a radiation oncology treatment that uses protons to precisely target and treat tumors, while sparing healthy tissues and organs from unnecessary radiation. The McLaren Proton Therapy Center in Flint offers this leading treatment modality.

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What are the benefits of proton therapy?

Proton Therapy is non-invasive.

Proton therapy does not require surgical procedures to deliver treatment. As the patient lays on the table, radiation is delivered through protons that are directed to travel in the body, no further than the depth of the targeted tumor.

Patients experience minimal side effects.

With the advanced radiation technology at the McLaren Proton Therapy Center, protons deposit radiation energy to the target tumor to destroy the cancer cells, while sparing the surrounding healthy tissues. There is not an exit dose of radiation with proton therapy. The radiation doses precisely stop at the depth of the tumor, sparing nearby organs as much as 70 percent of unnecessary radiation. By not delivering radiation to those organs, many patients experience minimal side effects.

Proton therapy results in a better quality of life during and after treatment.

Patients that go through proton therapy treatment often can maintain a healthy and productive life. Many patients can continue the activities they love daily during treatment. Proton therapy also reduces the probability of secondary cancer due to the ability to spare healthy tissue.

When is proton therapy a treatment option?

The decision to use proton therapy not only depends on where the tumor is located, but also includes many factors that will be reviewed by your radiation oncologist. Proton therapy is most often beneficial for solid tumors near radiation sensitive organs. Some of the factors that are considered when deciding if a patient may be a candidate for proton therapy are:

  • The tumor is close to critical structures.
  • The patient is at a high risk of having radiation treatment side effects.
  • Curative doses of conventional radiation cannot be delivered safely.
  • Previous radiation has been given at or close to the target tumor.
  • A tumor cannot be surgically removed safely.
  • Cancer returns in the same location after previous radiation treatments.
  • The patient is young. Proton therapy can result in minimal possible long-term effects, giving the patient a better quality of life.

About the McLaren Proton Therapy Center

The McLaren Proton Therapy Center is located in Flint, Michigan. Part of the Karmanos Cancer Network, we offer some of the most advanced radiation cancer treatments available anywhere in the world. We lead in next-generation technologies by providing pencil-beam scanning and integrated cone beam computed tomography for volumetric image guided proton therapy delivery. This all translates into improved cancer targeting and reduced side effects for the patient. As part of Karmanos, our patients can access treatments exclusive to the network, as well as clinical trials, cancer prevention programs and multidisciplinary teams of cancer specialists.

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