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Pulmonary Function Lab & Hypertension Center

Pulmonary Function Lab & Hypertension Center
Offered at McLaren Greater Lansing

With our Pulmonary Hypertension Center, patients suffering from all forms of pulmonary arterial hypertension can receive the services they need closer to home. The center features the expertise of interventional cardiologist Majid Mughal, MD, the area's only physician who is fellowship-trained in pulmonary hypertension. For more information, please call (517) 975-9445.

Tests Performed at Pulmonary Function Lab:

Your physician may have ordered one or more of the following testing options. For better test performance, please refrain from smoking four hours prior to any pulmonary test.


This test is a breathing maneuver performed to measure the volume of air you are able to breath in and out of your lungs and the speed of which this offers.

Please hold all breathing medications 4 hours prior to this test or as directed by your physician.

Testing time:  15 minutes

Spirometry Pre and Post Bronchodilator

This test performs the same maneuver described above, with the addition of a breathing treatment of Alburterol.  The spirometry is then repeated 20 minutes after inhaling Albuterol to analyze if any improvement is made in your breathing.

Please hold all breathing medications 4 hours prior to this test.

Testing time:  45 minutes

Diffusion Capacity

This test measures how gases transfer or diffuse into your blood stream.

Testing time:  20 minutes

Plethysmography or Lung Volumes and Airway Resistance

This test measures the volume of air left inside your lungs that you cannot blow out, and also measures the resistance of your airways during breathing.

Testing time:  20 minutes

Arterial Blood Gas Analysis

A sample of blood is take out of your artery for analysis of oxygen content, PH of blood and carbon dioxide level.

Testing time:  20 minutes

Exercise Provacation Testing

Exercise Provocation Testing:  This test is commonly ordered for children, to rule out exercise induced asthma.  Spirometry and plethysmography maneuvers are performed before and after exercising on a treadmill.

Testing time:  2.5 hours

Methacholine Challenge Testing

This test is to rule out asthma as a lung diagnosis.

Methacholine is inhaled in varied concentrations with spirometry and plethysmography performed to assess the airways response to medication.

Testing time:  2 hours

Methacholine and Exercise Provocation Special Instructions

Breathing medications can alter the outcome of Methacholine and Exercise Challenges.  To provide best accurate test results, please hold your breathing meds as listed:

  • Long Acting Inhalers such as Advair, Spirivia, Seravant , Foradil and all inhaled steroids oral and nasal should be held 48 hours prior to testing.
  • All Antihistamines, prescribed and over the counter should be held 48 hours prior to testing.
  • Medium acting inhalers such as Atrovent  or Duonebshould be held 24 hours prior to test.
  • Short acting inhalers such as Albuterol, Alupent and Xopenex should be held 12 hours prior to test.
  • Breathing tablets such as Singular should be held for 48 hours.
  • Provocation testing is best performed off Prednisone for 48 hours, but not always possible to do.  Please contact the lab or ordering physicians office for further directive regarding this med.
  • You should withhold all caffinated beverages and chocolate 4 hours prior to test.

Exercise Oximetry

This exercise test is performed to assess your oxygen needs during exertion.  This test may be ordered with or without oxygen on.

Testing time: 30-40 minutes

Exercise Breath by Breath Study

This exercise stress test is performed either on a stationary bike or treadmill.  Computer analysis of your breathing is recorded during this study to determine exercise limitations.  Wear comfortable clothing and shoes

Testing time:  2-2.5 hours

Indirect Calriometry (Nutrition Assessment

This test measures your caloric needs at rest.  This test is scheduled in early a.m.  Please do not eat 8-12 hours prior to testing.

Testing time:  1 hour

For further technical questions please call 517-975-7041.


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