Sports Physical Therapy

Sports physical therapy is a specialized practice that focuses on prevention, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, and performance improvement of the physically active individual.

The therapist performs a highly skilled evaluation of the active or chronic injury.  This includes the assessment of surgical and non-surgical neuromusculoskeletal injuries.  Included in this is a functional assessment of the individual post-injury to determine a safe return to activity.

Treatment is a team approach that is in coordination with the physician. This may also include an athletic trainer at a school or professional level. The physical therapist designs and implements a program for the management of the disorder for patients of all ages and abilities, including those with physical disabilities as well as elite athletes.

All outpatient physical therapy sites at McLaren Health Care have therapists and staff who are experienced in treating athletes of all different ages and levels. The staff incorporate specialized equipment as well as more physical therapy-specific training during treatment.

Types of injuries treated include, but are not limited to:

  • Rotator cuff repairs
  • Post-arthroscopic procedures (i.e. knee, shoulder, ankle)
  • Post-back & neck surgical procedures
  • Ligamentous repairs/injuries (i.e. ACL repair, labral repair)
  • Muscle strains & overuse injuries (tendinitis, bursitis)
  • Fractures
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Joint instability

Treatment may include, when applicable:

  • Strengthening and flexibility exercises
  • Stability exercises
  • Coordination and agility exercises
  • Balance activities
  • Manual therapy (i.e. joint mobilizations and manipulations, passive muscle stretching, functional massage)
  • Postural activities
  • Modalities (i.e. heat, ice, electrical stimulation, ultrasound)
  • Lumbar/cervical traction
  • Instruction in a home exercise program

McLaren Sports Medicine Programs Offered

Rehab and Sports Medicine at McLaren Bay Region

When you need a little help getting back to your full potential, we’re here for you.

McLaren Bay Region offers complete physical, occupational, and speech therapy services at several convenient locations throughout the area. Physicians and patients choose McLaren Rehabilitative Services for our expertise using advanced, hands-on manual therapy techniques and developing ongoing exercise programs to address any strength and flexibility limitations.

Our specialties includes orthopedics, sports medicine, back and neck pain, pediatrics, spinal cord injury, stroke, traumatic brain injury, arthritis and manual therapy. We also offer specialized programs for women's health issues such as pelvic pain and urinary incontinence, BIG and LOUD for treatment of Parkinson’s, Cancer Rehabilitation, Certified Hand Therapist, and Work Conditioning/Return to Work, Low Vision and aquatic therapy. In addition, we also have highly skilled athletic trainers who provide sports medicine services to our local high school athletes. Our inpatient rehabilitation programs help individuals lead more independent and fulfilling lives and also offers Recreational Therapy.

Our entire staff exemplifies compassion and professionalism and is qualified to work with patients of all ages.

McLaren Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine at McLaren Clarkston

The McLaren Clarkston Physical Therapy and Sports Center is a state-of-the-art facility with a highly trained and caring staff that provides comprehensive therapy services for persons of all ages recovering from a variety of medical conditions. In addition, our center also serves those who are seeking to maintain or improve their overall health and fitness. Part of the McLaren Oakland rehabilitation program, this center combines exercise and strength training with manual therapy and specialized services to meet the unique needs of each individual.

The McLaren Fitness Center offers a variety of free weights and equipment including CYBEX exercise stations, treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, NuSteps, ARC trainer, and a MedX neck and back strengthening system. In addition to cutting edge fitness equipment, we also offer industry leading treatment options such as Frenzel Goggles (video recording goggles that assist physicians with diagnosing balance/vestibular problems), a biofeedback unit with computerized training designed to treat pelvic floor dysfunctions, and a wide array of modalities for pain management (ultrasound, electrical stimulation, moist heat, and mechanical traction) .

Physical Therapy treatment at McLaren Clarkston begins with a referral from your doctor. At your first appointment your licensed physical therapist will perform a detailed evaluation of your specific problem, set mutual goals, and establish an individualized treatment plan.

The licensed physical therapists and physical therapist assistants at McLaren Clarkston are skilled in the evaluation and treatment of a wide range of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions/dysfunctions/injuries as well as offer specialized programs for Balance and Vestibular conditions, Women’s Health problems including pelvic pain, incontinence, and back pain during pregnancy, Lymphedema, Spinal dysfunctions, and Cancer Survivors. These experts work with you to provide personalized one- on- one evidence based care to improve the quality of your life – rebuilding strength, mobility, endurance and function while reducing pain. Your treatment may include exercise to improve strength, mobility, balance, and function along with modalities such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, heat or ice to control pain and swelling as well as appropriate manual techniques as needed, and patient education regarding your condition. Our goal is to empower you to reach your goals throughout your recovery.

Every patient receives a customized home exercise program designed specifically for your needs. In addition, every patient receives an After Care Membership to enable them to continue to utilize our facilities free of charge for one month post discharge and thereafter, for a nominal charge.

Athletic Medicine Institute at McLaren Macomb

The Athletic Medicine Institute (AMI) at McLaren Macomb specializes in sports medicine and the treatment, testing and preventive care of sports-related injuries and conditions.

For athletes of all ages and abilities, the team of experts at McLaren Macomb's AMI can provide the proper training, as well as the proper assessment to make sure an athlete is healthy enough to play and prepared enough to avoid injuries.

More Information About McLaren Macomb's AMI Program


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