McLaren Health Care
Trauma & Acute Care Services Clinic at McLaren Northern Michigan

Trauma & Acute Care Services Clinic
Offered at McLaren Northern Michigan

Emergency Services at McLaren Northern Michigan provides a world-class facility, specially designed to offer immediate care for everything from life's bumps and bruises to life-threatening trauma situations. We have a 24/7 emergency department is both Cheboygan and Petoskey.

24-Hour Specialty Support In:

  • Heart & Vascular Services
  • Neurosciences
  • Radiology
  • Anesthesiology
  • Surgery

Where You're Treated Can Make All the Difference

We're 100% staffed around the clock with emergency-trained physicians and nurses with the highest levels of emergency medicine certification.

For more information about McLaren Northern Michigan Emergency Services contact HealthAccess at (800) 248-6777

Emergency Surgical Care

Experienced, Caring, and Professional

Providing the highest quality of care to surgical patients from initial treatment to follow up.

About Us

The Trauma & Acute Care Services team (TACS) provides post-acute general surgery and trauma care to patients coming through the emergency department, those who require inpatient consultations, or hospital patients with surgical emergencies at McLaren Northern Michigan hospital. We provide continuous care for our patients, from 24/7 hospital care to follow-up care in our outpatient clinic.

Your Hospital Stay

Our team of experienced emergency surgical providers includes both surgeons and advanced practitioners. Because we manage your care as a team, you may see different providers throughout the course of your treatment.

The TACS Clinic Location

We offer a full service clinic to provide follow-up care to all of our patients. The Trauma & Acute Care Services Clinic (TACS Clinic) is located in the McLaren Medical Office Building on the 5th floor.