Vascular Surgery at McLaren

The vascular surgeons at McLaren Health Care are not only the most experienced in the region, they currently have the longest standing, and largest practice, in the State of Michigan. They pride themselves on collaborating as a group to make the best decisions regarding the care of each and every patient. They are also on the cutting edge of patient care through their participation in over 50 clinical trials several of which have been in partnership with McLaren Health Care.

These specialized surgeons care for patients with diseases that affect the arteries, veins, and lymphatic systems exclusive of the heart and intracranial (within the brain) circulations. These surgeons perform open operations, endovascular catheter-based procedures, and non-invasive vascular testing and interpretations. Common problems treated include stroke prevention by managing arterial blockages in the neck and upper chest, revascularization of upper and lower limbs for poor circulation, management of aneurysms such as occur in the abdomen and elsewhere, vascular trauma, and varicose veins. Treatment also includes angioplasty—stenting of arterial blockages, repair of abdominal aneurysms by less-invasive endovascular techniques—as well as medical management of vascular disorders.

Our Vascular Surgeons Perform the Following Procedures:

  • Carotid Endarterectomy
  • Abdominal Endarterectomy
  • Lower Limb Endarterectomy
  • Resection Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
  • Other Aneurysm Repair
  • Resection and Anastomosis of Vessel
  • Vascular Shunt or Bypass
  • Insertion Vena Cava Filter
  • Angioplasty Non-Coronary Vessels
  • Endovascular Implant of Graft
  • Endovascular Embolization or Occlusion
  • Insertion of Non-Coronary Stent
  • Diagnostic Aortogram or Arteriogram
  • Arteriovenostomy for Dialysis
  • Revision Dialysis Shunt

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