• Vestibular Therapy for Balance and Dizziness

    One-third of Americans over the age of 65 will experience a fall each year. Falls are the leading cause of injury for most age groups. Often the problems with balance can be identified and treated or prevented with the correct care. McLaren's balance therapy programs have therapists specializing in the assessment and treatment of vestibular and balance impairments

    We has specialized equipment that can provide a cost-effective method of evaluating dizziness for many patients affected by balance problems. We provide a comprehensive evaluation of balance and dizziness.

    Normal balance requires good vision, strong muscles, flexible joints, and good vestibular function (inner ear function). If any of these are not working properly, you may be at increased risk for falling. Many individuals are at risk for falls due to inner ear or other physical problems, An evaluation by the specially-trained therapists at McLaren can give patients and their physicians an accurate picture of their fall risk and the most appropriate therapies to correct the problems found. For many individuals, balance is the key to their Independence.

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    Normal balance requires contributions from multiple bodily systems:

    • Biomechanical: Range of Motion (ROM), strength, pain.
    • Sensory Systems: Somatosensory (body awareness), vestibular (inner ear function), vision.
    • Movement Strategies: Automatic postural responses, reactive adjustments.
    • Navigation: Gait, anticipatory postural adjustments.
    • Emotional: Stress, anxiety.
    • Cognition: Attention, learning.
    • Cardiopulmonary: Capacity for activity.

    Are you at risk? Take the balance test!

    • Are you over age 65?
    • Have you fallen in the past year, or are you afraid of falling?
    • Do you have numbness or loss of sensation in your feet?
    • Have you had a stroke or other neurological problem that has affected your balance?
    • Do you have problems with your vision?
    • Do you experience difficulty getting around due to weakness or imbalance, or need a cane or walker for safety?
    • Do you take more than 4 medications?
    • Do you take Antivert or Meclizine?
    • Do you feel dizzy or unsteady if you move suddenly or if you turn over at night?
    • Do you have anxiety, confusion or feel depressed?
    • If you answered "Yes" to 3 or more of these questions, you may beat risk for a fall.

    Balance and Dizziness Screenings

    Free Balance Screening at McLaren Bay Region

    Free Balance Screening at McLaren Central Michigan

    • Call (989) 779-5604 to schedule an appointment. Open daily 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

    This 20 minute screening may be helpful for anyone wanting to check their balance or for those with loss of balance, weakness or decreased coordination. Our licensed Physical or Occupational Therapist performs the screening and provides a consult. You will also receive a copy of your screening results and results will be sent to your physician, if requested.

    McLaren Central Michigan 2600 Three Leaves Dr.
    McLaren Wellness Central
    Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858

    Free Balance Screening at McLaren Flint

    Davison: (810) 658-5631
    Flint/MNRI: (810) 342-5350
    Flushing: (810) 342-5550

  • Evaluation may include:

    • Extensive interview regarding symptoms, frequency, chief complaint and functional status
    • Neuromusculoskeletal examination including muscle strength, range of motion, sensation, posture, balance and muscle tone
    • Oculomotor exam including basic eye movement and Vestibulo-Occular Reflex testing (VOR) assessment
    • Positioning exam (Dix-Hallpike, Motion Sensitivity Quotient)
    • Balance/Postural control evaluation, using functional outcome-based measures
    • Computer posturography exam

    Treatment may include:

    • Education
    • Balance retraining exercises
    • Special vestibular maneuvers
    • Eye/head exercises
    • Strengthening exercises
    • Conditioning exercises
    • Flexibility exercises
    • Posture exercises
    • Compensation strategies including habituation/adaptation exercises
    • Recommendations for home modifications
    • Repositioning maneuver
    • Habituation/adaptation
    • Home exercise program

    What therapy can do for you:

    • Education
    • Decrease feeling of vertigo/dizziness
    • Improve balance/postural control
    • Improve gaze stabilization
    • Improve overall endurance
    • Improve muscle strength
    • Decrease risk and fear of falling
    • Teach proper use of assistive devices (cane, walkers, etc.)
    • Increase flexibility
    • Increase independence
    • Home exercise program

    An evaluation performed at the Comprehensive Balance Clinic can give patients and their physicians an accurate picture of their fall risk and the most appropriate therapies to correct the problems found. For many individuals, balance is the key to their Independence.

    Call your physician to arrange a referral to rehab services at McLaren Health Care

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