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Resources To Enhance Your Patient's Experience

You know your patients best. McLaren Physician Partners is dedicated to equipping you with the resources that enhance the patient experience. We’ve taken requests from our physicians and worked to develop the resources below. If you have ideas for future resources, please contact our communications specialist, Leslie Aronson at, and indicate the type of resource you are looking for. Another option is to contact your quality performance specialist for your region, who is your representative to get you the McLaren resources you need.

Why Choose McLaren?

Physicians have indicated to us that they struggle sometimes to help their patients understand the benefits of seeking care within the McLaren network. Seeking care within the network , often referred to as clinical integration, brings efficiencies such as receiving faster test results and more efficient communication within the continuum of care for your patients. We’ve taken this feedback and developed a one-pager you can use with patients to help educate on the benefits of using McLaren.

Why Choose McLaren – patient flyer


The following resources have been requested by primary care physicians to help educate their patients on diabetes and encourage self-management of their chronic condition.

Diabetes Education Nutrition

Diabetes Education- Insulin

Diabetes Education - Foot Care

Diabetes Education - Complications

Community Resources

MPP is committed to linking our members to community resources within their surrounding counties. On a biannual basis our staff reviews a variety of sources and compiles a list of common community services by county. The following quick reference guides allow MPP members to easily link people with low cost to free programs in their area. The use of this material is intended for assisting the needs of the person and not to promote any one particular service. If you have any questions on the information provided in the resource guides please contact MPP at 248-484-4928.


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