McLaren: Care That Travels With You

The summer travel season will see countless Michigan residents explore the beauty of our state — from the picturesque landscapes, vibrant up north towns, and resorts by the beach.

But it is those nearly 100 sunny summer days between Memorial Day and Labor Day that are known as trauma season for health care providers.

It is during those active summer days that accidents and other injury-causing events bring about a spike in the number of broken bones, fractures, and lacerations, among other traumatic wounds.

Other common conditions often increasing throughout the warmer months are those less related to physical activity, but simply spending more time outdoors and in or around nature.

An itchy, sensitive rash, or dry and flaky or bumpy and peeling skin stemming from sun exposure or an environmental irritant, heat illness, or an allergic reaction causing asthma sufferers to struggle to breathe are enough to send patients to their doctor’s office or even the emergency department.

For patients who routinely receive their care at McLaren facilities, they are free to travel with the peace of mind knowing that they are never too far from a McLaren facility.

With a network of care providers and facilities throughout Michigan, McLaren has ensured its level of high-quality care is accessible to its patients regardless of their place in the state — vacationers can relax assured by this fact, knowing they are in close proximity to familiar care should any unexpected health concern arise.

McLaren is committed to providing this convenience and reliability to communities throughout Michigan, with its care teams communicating and sharing knowledge to collaborate and provide seamless care no matter their patients' place in the state.