Plan Today to Make a Different Tomorrow

Don and Alice Giese have a lot to be proud of. Don was a World War II veteran and worked for the Michigan Educational Association for many years. Alice was a successful business owner in Port Huron and a dedicated community volunteer. Together, over the course of their 68 year marriage, they traveled all over the world, but always called Port Huron their home.

Alice and Don were also united in support for their community hospital, making annual gifts since 1993 and volunteering at Foundation events. In 2012, they became members of the Beacon Society and were also welcomed into the Heritage Circle, by including a planned gift to McLaren Port Huron in their estate.

Don and Alice Giese

In 2016, Don passed away. Alice, at 90 years of age, is still traveling the world, having just returned from another adventure in Nepal and Switzerland with her daughter.

Alice still supports McLaren Port Huron and is excited for the future. She enjoys watching the progress being made to the facility knowing the positive ways it will benefit patients and their families. In her heart, she knows Don would be proud of what is happening at the hospital too.

“Don and I have been, and always will be, so proud of Port Huron Hospital and now McLaren Port Huron and its impact on our community. The organization’s reputation is commendable and I am honored to be a part of it.”

For additional information on Planned Giving, please contact the Foundation at (810) 989-3776.

Charitable Giving: So Many Rewards

Charitable giving has many rewards. It gives you and your family great spiritual rewards and it provides for the welfare of others, both now and in the future. Many of the critical functions of McLaren Port Huron would not be available without the continued support provided by charitable gifts.

Tax law encourages charitable giving in the form of tax deductions. In addition to providing immediate tax deductions, it may be possible to eliminate capital gains taxes, increase spendable income, and reduce estate and gift taxes by making a charitable gift.

Charitable gifts come in many forms. For example, an outright charitable gift of cash, securities, real estate, life insurance, traditional IRA distributions, or other types of property may be made. Property may be held in trust to benefit both the donor and the desired organization. Finally, gifts made through wills and charitable gift annuities are a popular means of fulfilling a desire to assist a charity.

Gifts may be unrestricted, allowing the hospital to use the funds wherever the need is greatest, or you may choose to earmark your gift for a specific purpose like the purchase of needed equipment, a special project or a specific department. Please contact us to learn more about Planned Giving.

Charitable Gift Annuities: A Gift that Lives with You

More and more people are discovering the surprising benefits of making charitable gifts in the form of gift annuities. A gift annuity offers many benefits to you while also supporting McLaren Port Huron Foundation. The benefits include:

  • Lifetime payments that may be partially tax free or taxed at lower costs
  • Management of assets
  • Income, gift and estate tax savings
  • Favorable treatment of capital gains

The gift annuity allows you to make a charitable gift while first ensuring that the financial needs of you and your loved ones are met.

Charitable Remainder Trusts: Planning Ahead

Have you included a bequest to a favorite charitable organization in your will, or thought that "someday" you would like to? If so, you may wish to consider how a charitable remainder trust may benefit you now, while still providing for your organization in the future.

A charitable remainder trust is a trust created and funded by the donor. It allows the donor -- or the donor's designated beneficiary(s) -- to receive income annually from the donated assets, either for life or a specified number of years not exceeding 20. The donated assets are ultimately distributed to the charity (or charities) of the donor's choice following the expiration of the income term. The trust can be used to convert highly appreciated assets, such as stocks or real estate, into income-producing investments, while avoiding capital gains tax on the appreciated value of those assets.

A Living Trust: Sharing the Benefits

A trust is a written document that arranges for you, another person, a bank or other financial institution to manage or control your property for the benefit of your selected beneficiaries. If you wish, you can even name yourself as a beneficiary during your lifetime. When you sign a trust agreement you are handing over legal "title" or ownership of funds, stocks or other property to this person or institution.

As the person who sets up the trust, you are the "settlor." The person or institution that holds legal title to your trust is the "trustee." If you wish, you may name yourself as the trustee. A trust may be either irrevocable or revocable by the settlor.

Living trust is the term given to an inter vivos trust which is a trust created and funded during your lifetime. A testamentary trust is written into your will and will come into existence upon your death.

Charitable Giving through Life Insurance: Multiply your Charitable Giving

Many of us have a special interest in the future of a school, church, hospital, foundation or other charity. The reasons for our interest are personal, but they range from concerns for community welfare to convictions that we can personally make a difference for humanity.

The knowledge that federal, state and local governments cannot sustain the levels of support seen in the past to many charitable organizations increases our personal commitment and desire to contribute. The survival of many of these organizations that provide priceless services, like McLaren Port Huron, depends on it.

Still, you may hesitate to make a contribution -- even to the charity that is closest to your heart -- because of the concern that the amount you can afford to give might be too insignificant to really make a difference. This is where a charitable giving plan using life insurance can help.

Donors need not be wealthy to make a significant and meaningful gift. Charitable giving through life insurance is one way to make a contribution that reflects your belief in the organization of your choice -- like McLaren Port Huron Foundation.

Heritage Circle: Creating a Legacy

For more than 125 years, donors have created a legacy by supporting our healthcare mission through planned gifts. The Heritage Circle was established to recognize those individuals whose vision and stewardship have moved them to improve the quality of healthcare offered right here in the Blue Water area.

The Heritage Circle was established in 1991 to recognize those who have supported the hospital through a planned gift. Many have made bequests in their wills, others have created gifts in trust, and still others have contributed life insurance and annuities. If you have made - or plan to make - McLaren Port Huron one of your beneficiaries through a planned gift, you are invited to join the Heritage Circle. To become a member, simply let us know by completing the planned giving form.

For additional information on the Foundation's Planned Giving programs, please contact the Foundation at (810) 989-3776.