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A Little Change Makes A Big Difference

A Little Change Makes A Big Difference

a little change make s a big difference

Effort have raised $100,000 thus far.  Patios, pavers, and personal support come from McLaren Employee Campaign.

Harry Mitchell, Security Supervisor at McLaren Flint, has been leading the charge for the McLaren Employee Campaign since its inception more than four years ago.  Along with Mary Fitzpatrick and hundreds of McLaren employees, this joint effort has reinforced the concept that A Little Change Makes a Big Difference.

"We started the campaign to get employees involved in doing something beneficial for the hospital and for themselves.  We wanted to create something they could participate in and partake of.  We got together with Roxanne Caine of the McLaren Foundation and discussed projects that could be beneficial for the hospital and the employees," said Mitchell.  The first events were employee-driven summer barbeques and fall carnivals, and the movement has grown to include chili-offs and most recently a homemade soup sampling event called the SoupFest.  By providing a meal and the chance for networking, these events raise funds while fostering a team spirit among employees.

"We do a couple events each year with special fun themes just to make people feel good in their environment.  We also have our 'A Little Change' canisters set up in the cafeteria so the people can donate all year," said Mitchell.  

So far, the program has funded a brick-paver patio and a lovely outdoor seating area with flower gardens.  These feel-good projects give supporters a sense of wellbeing, knowing their efforts resulted in something beautiful to enhance their daily lives.  

Now, the Employee Campaign is branching out on an even more personal level by offering scholarships and giving assistance to employees and families in need.  Scholarships and special one-time gifts have been given to people who simply need a hand in tough times. 

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"Every bit of money we raise is matched by the McLaren Foundation, so our totals double.  It gives a sense of worth to what we're doing.  We want to let people know our campaign is not just about nice patios, which are wonderful things for our enjoyment, but there are people who need help and we can help them," said Mitchell.  To date, close to $100,000 has been raised by the Employee Campaign with Foundation's matching funds.  

Employees can continue to look forward to Wednesday barbeques on the patio their efforts built.  They no doubt will feel good knowing the money they spend on lunch and raffle tickets is going to help someone just like them.  "There is real reward to it.  All the money we make goes for the development of a project or to a person in our McLaren family," Mitchell said.

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If you would like more information on the "A Little Change Makes A Big Difference" campaign or if you would like to be a volunteer on the committee, please contact the Foundation at 342-4087 for more information. 

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