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The Rachor Education Foundation, Ltd. helps nursing students achieve their dream!

Racher Family
The Rachor Education Foundation, Ltd. Board member Michael Rachor, wife-Gloria and scholarship honoree, Stacey Braden-Brown, RN.
Regardless of one's status, through hard work and determination anyone can achieve prosperity. This is the American Dream. Depending on the opportunities afforded to an individual, the dream of a having a secure income that provides for their family's needs may seem out of reach.

Currently, the directors of the Rachor Education Foundation, Ltd. are Michael G. Rachor, Terese M. Rachor-Beste, D.D.S., James M. Rachor, D.D.S., Kathleen A. Fox, Laurie P. Torrey and Tod G. Fisher. Michael Rachor, founder of The Rachor Education Foundation, Ltd., firmly believes that the surest way to achieve prosperity is through education. Rachor, a lifelong Flint resident and financial professional, attributes his success, in great part, to his college education. The Rachor Education Foundation, Ltd. is now investing in people. McLaren is pleased to be working with the Rachor Education Foundation, Ltd. to award honorary scholarships to local nursing students. Each of the thirty scholarships is named in honor of an outstanding McLaren nurse or nurse aide who exemplifies excellence in nursing and serves as an inspiration to those who follow in their footsteps.

A lack of time and money are genuine obstacles that can make college out of reach for anyone, but especially for those who are raising a family. Stacey Braden-Brown is an example of someone who faced and overcame these challenges to reach her goal of becoming a registered nurse. This determination, along with her compassion as a caregiver, led to her distinction as a Rachor Education Foundation, Ltd. scholarship honoree.

Brown began her nursing career in her early twenties as a single mother taking care of her three ailing grandparents. Through this experience, Brown found great joy in caring for people of all ages. She obtained training and worked as a nurse aide in addition to waitressing at a local restaurant. With much determination and support from her family, Brown continued working two jobs while taking care of her young daughter and grandparents. After six years of diligent work, she graduated with a 3.6 cumulative grade point average to obtain her Associates Degree in Nursing. She is now a registered nurse working at McLaren caring for patients at the Specialty Center. Brown will be the first to tell you that she does not consider herself worthy of having a scholarship in her name. However, The Rachor Education Foundation, Ltd. and the McLaren Flint Foundation think otherwise. Her story, in addition to the financial gift, may give hope to students who find themselves at the same starting point as Brown and encourage them to work hard to complete their own education.

The Stacey Braden-Brown, RN Nursing Scholarship is one of thirty honorary scholarships established by The Rachor Education Foundation, Ltd. and administered by the McLaren Flint Foundation to support employees and nursing students at McLaren Flint. The twenty-nine other scholarships are named in honor of McLaren Nurse Aide Joe Mays, and Nurses, Mary Alice Moore, RN, Aretha Brock, LPN, in memory of Patti Sherry, RN, in honor of: Susan E. Buszek, RN; David Bradley, RN; Debra Main, RN; Frances J. Simnitch, RN; Cindy M. Hoyt, RN; Hilde Farrow, RN, Tonia Cole, RN; Tammie "Ruby" Rubel, RN; Brenda Auten, RN; John Peter Rachor, RNFA and in memory of: Margaret E. McLaren, RN; Lillian Girard, RN; Marjorie Sanders, RN; Fantine Pemberton, RN; Mary Weinschreider, RN. Recently, an additional ten scholarships have been named in memory of Nancy A. Stamos, RN; Betty J. Blundell, RN; Johanna (Jo) C. Deuker, CRNA and in honor of Linda Krueger, RN; Frances Price, RN; Patricia Perrine, RN; Doris Beebe, RN; Anita Sparks, RN; Mary Knightly-Ash, RN and Margaret Laurin, RN. Each scholarship is $1,500 per year.

The Rachor Education Foundation, Ltd. has created over 90 scholarships since it was formed in 1996. The Foundation's mission is to provide post secondary education scholarships for local students residing in Genesee, Shiawassee or Lapeer County. Each scholarship is named in honor of an outstanding individual who exemplifies excellence in their field with the hope that their success may inspire local students to attain a degree.

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