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Auxiliary Volunteer Nursing Scholarship

Auxiliary Volunteer Nursing Scholarship

A career in nursing offers intellectual challenges, the use of science and technology a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare, a variety of work opportunities, career progression, security, and the chance to make a difference in life.

The Auxiliary Volunteer Nursing Scholarship sponsored by McLaren Flint Auxiliary Volunteers has been developed to address the national shortage of nurses and to invest in our community by providing career opportunities. This scholarship helps an individual who wants to make nursing their career choice.

The McLaren Flint Auxiliary Volunteers will award a $ 4,000 scholarship to a nursing school senior. These funds are raised through membership dues and Memorial Fund established in honor of Margaret McLaren, Founder of the Women’s Hospital in which she was Superintendent for 28 years. Women’s Hospital is what we know today to be McLaren Flint. Since its inception, several scholarships have been awarded to qualified students who will continue their education in nursing.

Auxiliary Volunteer Nursing Scholarship Application