Welcome to Our Internal Medicine Residency - McLaren Macomb Program

  • A Message from the Program Director
    Christopher Provenzano, MD

    On behalf of the faculty and resident staff we welcome you to McLaren Macomb.

    Our program’s mission is to create physicians that will excel as internists or subspecialists to provide state-of-the-art medical care by incorporating the science and art of medicine with compassion, integrity and dignity to the community they serve.

    The program objectives are:

    • Service Excellence: We continually seek to understand the needs of those who depend on us (our patients, doctors and fellow team members) and then exceed their expectations.
    • Integrity: We say what we believe, and we do what we say. We are trusted because we are trustworthy. In our personal, team and organizational values we strive for alignment in what we say and do.
    • Team: We work together, sharing a common purpose, a common culture and common goals. We genuinely care for and support not only those to whom we provide care, but also those with whom we work shoulder-to-shoulder.
    • Continuous Improvement: Individually, and as teams, we constantly look at what we do and ask, “How can we do this better?” Then we use a systematic approach to take action.
    • Accountability: We take responsibility for meeting our commitments – our personal one as well as those of the entire residency program. We take ownership of the results.
    • Fulfillment: We make a difference. We feel rewarded – personally and as a team – because what we do in our jobs is consistent with our goals and dreams.
    • Enjoyment: We enjoy what we do. Becoming a physician is difficult work; but even hard work can be fun. We take our jobs seriously, but we feel a positive environment delivers better care to our patients while creating better work environment for our teammates.

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The McLaren Macomb Internal Medicine Residency is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). Program ID: 1402500925.

Primary Training Site

Mount Clemens, Michigan



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Our program offers a variety of educational experiences on a daily basis.

  • Morning Report: resident lead with faculty participation
  • Morbidity and Mortality Conference
  • Chest X-Ray Conference
  • Harrison’s Reading Review
  • EKG Conference
  • Noon lectures
    o Weekly board review
    o Internal Medicine and Cardiology Grand Rounds
    o Subspecialty lectures
  • Journal Club
  • PGY1 scholarly activity didactic series

Internal Medicine Residency Clinic

  • The Internal Medicine resident ambulatory clinic is a 4500 square-foot facility located just minutes from the main hospital.
  • Clinical facilities include on-site x-ray, laboratory services, procedure room and OMT rooms.
  • Under the supervision of board-certified faculty, interns and residents benefit from true continuity experiences by providing longitudinal care to their own panel of patients.
  • Multidisciplinary clinic (MDC) will expose PGY1 residents to a variety of specialties, including women’s health, behavioral health, orthopedic surgery, podiatry, vascular surgery, urology, palliative care and hospice.