Graduate Medical Education
McLaren Health Care

There are numerous advantages in being a teaching institution. Three that rise to the top of the list are:

  • Teaching hospitals attract higher-quality medical staffs who promote the latest ideas and advances in evidence-based medicine.
  • Teaching hospitals have 24-hour, in-house physicians, which create a better environment for patient safety and overall quality of care.
  • Graduate Medical Education programs represent an invaluable source of future members of our medical staffs.
  • To that last point, the McLaren system is well above average, retaining more than 35% of its residents, as well as numerous program graduates that return to the system after going elsewhere for sub-specialty training.

Our well-established relationship with Michigan State University's colleges of Human Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine generates a consistent roster of eager and energetic undergraduate medical students, and our systems' well-respected residency programs attract high-quality post-graduate students to our hospitals. McLaren is proud of our residents and their contributions to quality healthcare. They bring the newest ideas and fresh perspectives to our facilities -- a process that helps assure positive attitudes and leading-edge techniques.