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Employee Logo Attire

Employees of McLaren Health Care can order branded clothing and other apparel to wear for work or leisure. Please reference the link to your McLaren Health Care location below.

It’s important for you to click on the correct link for your order to be processed.

The following hospitals and sites must use this link. Note: THIS INCLUDES MMG employees.

Karmanos Cancer Institute
McLaren Caro Region
McLaren Central Michigan
McLaren Health Care Corporation
McLaren Health Management Group
McLaren Lapeer Region
McLaren Macomb
McLaren Medical Group (MMG)
McLaren Northern Michigan
McLaren Oakland
McLaren Physician Partners

ONLY Bay Region and Bay Special Care employees use this link. MMG and all other McLaren employees need to use the link above. This is due to payroll deduction and Bay delivers to Marking and Bay Special Care ONLY.

If you have switched from MMG to Bay or Bay to MMG for payroll purposes please contact the vendor by email at

McLaren Bay Region & McLaren Bay Special Care -

ONLY McLaren Flint employees.

McLaren Flint -

ONLY McLaren Greater Lansing

McLaren Greater Lansing -

ONLY McLaren Port Huron

McLaren Port Huron -