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McLaren Oakland Employees

The McLaren Oakland Foundation Nursing Scholarship Fund is pleased to announce the BSN Completion Award for the 2022/2023 Academic Year

This award comes in the form of a tuition loan forgiveness agreement for up to $9,995 for selected McLaren Oakland ADN RNs interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree through Oakland University’s 32-credit RN-BSN Degree Completion Sequence.

Nurses must remain abreast of new procedures and expectations within their current working environment to be competitive and deliver continued exceptional care. McLaren Oakland seeks applicants for this award who have defined professional goals and are committed to advancing their education to provide high quality nursing care. McLaren Oakland will be making 5 awards for the 2022/2023 Oakland University academic year. Each of the awards will be granted for nurses who exemplify excellence in nursing and serve as models for others who follow in their footsteps.

McLaren Oakland ADN-RNs who wish to be considered for the award must first apply through McLaren Oakland’s portal by JUNE 30th found here at Selection will be determined solely by McLaren Oakland nursing education and senior hospital leadership.

Upon award selection, recipients must fully apply and qualify for official acceptance into the RN-BSN Degree Completion Sequence at Oakland University’s highly regarded School of Nursing. Students must start the program within 1 year of being granted the award.  The process for award application, award criteria and retention, and admission into Oakland University is outlined below.

Selected employees must continue employment with the hospital in their current full/part-time position while completing the program and must remain in good standing. After successful completion of the program, employee must remain employed by the hospital in their full/part-time position for a minimum of 24 months.


To Apply for the McLaren Oakland Foundation Award

To apply for the McLaren Oakland Foundation Award, applicants must fully complete and submit the application by JUNE 30th. For the application to be considered complete, applicants must also include the following:

  1. A cover letter uploaded as part of your application. The cover letter should be no more than 500 words and should indicate why you should be considered for the award. The employee is to define the importance of professional development for themselves and how you could impact the organization’s strategic goals to improve patient care and
  2. Upload an updated resume along with your cover letter.
  3. Upload a letter of recommendation from a nurse manager.
  4. Upload a transcript from your ADN degree.


To Apply for Admission to Oakland University

Applicants selected for this award must apply to Oakland University’s RN-BSN Degree Completion Sequence through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions (the OU undergraduate application can be accessed at  With the application, students must request transcripts from ALL PREVIOUS INSTITUTIONS ATTENDED. Applications will not be considered complete without all transcripts successfully received by Oakland University’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

For admission to the RN-BSN Degree Completion Sequence, students must meet the following criteria:

  • A combined GPA of 2.5 or higher from all institutions attended
  • A posted ADN degree from an accredited 2-year or community college
  • An unrestricted RN license. Oakland University’s School of Nursing will verify RN license through the state’s LARA database


Award Selection Process and Award Criteria

The selection process will be based on the completed application submission, previous work history, and an interview conducted by McLaren Oakland nurse leadership.

Selected employees who qualify for admission at Oakland University and receive a $9,995 award must make a two-year work commitment to McLaren Oakland after completing the RN-BSN program. Employees on current corrective action of a “first step” or greater will not be eligible to receive the award money.

To earn a BSN degree at Oakland University, students must: (1) attain a total of 125 credits; (2) meet all nursing-specific coursework, and (3) meet all university general education requirements.

Oakland University will transfer 63 credits from the ADN and will award students 30 credits as prior learning for successfully passing the NCLEX-RN. The McLaren Oakland award covers the remaining 32 nursing specific credits at Oakland University.

All students attending Oakland University will be required to meet all university general education requirements that are in addition to the nursing-specific course requirements. Students transferring with the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) will have all of OU’s general education waived except Knowledge Applications*. MTA can be awarded by any Michigan Community College Association institution. Students are strongly encouraged to complete the Michigan Transfer Agreement from their ADN granting institution (if applicable). For more information, please contact the Oakland University’s School of Nursing adviser, Patrina Carper, at

Additional criteria include:

  1. Students who are awarded the scholarship must register to start classes by Summer/Spring 2023.
  2. Students may select a full-time, 12-month plan of study, or a part-time, 20-month plan of study covering all nursing-specific coursework.
  3. The McLaren Oakland Foundation will fund $4,997.50 for the first two semesters under the full-time option and $2,498.75 for four semesters for the part-time option.
  4. The tuition loan agreement award will cover the tuition cost of the program only (32 nursing-specific credits).
    1. While the employee is in this program, they cannot use tuition reimbursement in conjunction to McLaren Oakland’s tuition loan agreement.
  5. Once in the degree, students cannot receive a grade in a single course lower than a B-.
  6. For any reason, if the employee withdraws from ADN-RN to BSN program, they forfeit the tuition loan agreement. 
  7. Students must be in good academic standing in the school of nursing throughout the duration of the degree.
  8. Any non-nursing courses taken by the student or courses taken in addition to the 32 nursing-specific credits required for the RN-BSN Degree Completion Sequence will be the financial responsibility of the employee.
    1. A psychology course in lifespan development taken at a community college may meet the Knowledge Applications OU general education requirement.

* If an employee is not selected for this tuition loan agreement they can use McLaren Oakland’s tuition reimbursement. Please refer to Tuition Loan Agreement policy for additional information.

* Member school listings can be found on Michigan Community College Association website at