McLaren Central Michigan
Student Orientation

Student Orientation Checklist

Below is the Checklist and other required documents to be completed prior to start.  Please print, complete, sign and return all documents.

Mandatory Information Review for Students

1. Mandatory Orientation Review Checklist - sign and return

2. Behavior Expectations/Accountability & Corporate Compliance / HIPAA

3. Safety  

4.  Environment of Care 

Environment of Care Orientation/Mandatory Safety Training read only - including:
General Safety & Security Points, Code Adam, Code Yellow, Code Weather, Code Red, R.A.C.E., P.A.S.S., Code Gray, Code Triage, Evacuation Routes, Horizontal Evacuation, Vertical Evacuation, Code Blue Biohazard Waste, Bio Medical Equipment & Electrical Safety, Material Safety Data Sheets, Back Safety, Eyewash Stations, Employee Injuries, Hand Hygiene, Bloodborne Pathogens & Standard Precautions, Gloves, TB, Risk Management, Quality & Process Innovation, Patient Safety, Harassment, Patient's Bill of Rights and Cultural Competency.

Remember - mail, deliver, or fax at (989) 772-6876 all completed checklist, quizzes, & agreements BEFORE starting. Questions? Call Human Resources (Monday - Friday) at (989) 772-6857.