Employee Discount Vendor Form

McLaren Health Care Corporation Employee Discount Program

McLaren maintains a webpage as a courtesy to employees to allow vendors to offer discounted services and products to its employees. Vendors interested in participating may apply using our online application. By making application, you agree to the following:

  • By making an offer available to employees, McLaren is not endorsing any product or service, nor is McLaren guaranteeing the quality or suitability of any product or service.
  • The discount offer will be made available to all McLaren active employees presenting appropriate credentials, regardless of the employing subsidiary of McLaren Health Care Corporation.
  • It is the responsibility of vendor offering a discount to establish the individual purchaser’s eligibility for an offered discount.
  • Any agreement to purchase products or services, and the resolution of any disputes arising from such purchase is between you as the vendor and the employee as the purchaser.
  • Approval for participation is at McLaren’s sole discretion.

McLaren reserves the right to change its policies and procedures, to discontinue the Employee Discount Program, and to withdraw approval from any vendor at any time and for any reason without advance notice.

*Indicates required information