Visiting Learners

Visiting Learners


Resident physicians in ACGME-sponsored programs may apply for rotations at McLaren Health Care using the Visiting Resident Application. Rotations are awarded based on available educational opportunities and approval of the residency/fellowship program.


Medical Students

McLaren Health Care provides medical students with high-quality learning opportunities.

U.S. Applicants

Students from affiliated schools complete their clerkship rotations at our teaching hospitals of McLaren Bay Region, McLaren Flint, McLaren Greater Lansing, McLaren Macomb, McLaren Northern Michigan, and McLaren Oakland. These students arrange their elective rotations through their school.

Other students may request elective rotations as follows:

These rotations are awarded based on available educational opportunities and approval of the subsidiary’s Associate DIO. Applications are prioritized as follows:

  • Fourth or final year students from other accredited medical schools in the U.S.
  • Students from Caribbean medical schools who have demonstrated a tie to Michigan
  • U.S. Applicants

International Applicants

Except for Caribbean schools, international applicants are not eligible for rotations currently.

Advanced Practice Provider Students

McLaren Health Care has affiliation agreements with several schools. Students should reach out to their school to determine their school’s affiliation with McLaren Health Care and ability to apply through ACEMAPP (for McLaren Bay Region and McLaren Flint rotations).

If you are a McLaren Health Care employee, please reach out to your subsidiary’s GME office if your school is not currently affiliated with McLaren Health Care.

School/students may request rotations as follows:

Select acute care rotations may be available on a limited basis. We do not offer rotations in Inpatient Pediatrics.

Practicum Students

Clinical Health Psychology students seeking a practicum experience at McLaren apply for an open position in November each year. Currently, practicum student opportunities are available at McLaren Flint and McLaren Macomb. To apply, please contact to start the interview application process.

Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists

McLaren Health Care’s preferred student registered nurse anesthetist schools are: Oakland University and the University of Michigan-Flint. Students from those schools rotate at McLaren Bay Region, McLaren Flint, and McLaren Lapeer. Rotations are arranged through the school using ACEMAPP.


McLaren Health Care allows 7-day “eyes and ears only” observerships within an academic year (July to June). Each subsidiary may or may not allow observerships. If interested, please reach out to the subsidiary’s GME office to determine availability.

Job Shadowing

High school students wishing to job shadow should contact the subsidiary’s Human Resources department or Volunteer Office.

Contact a McLaren Health Care GME Office for visiting learner opportunities: