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A Message from the Training Directors

  • Barbara Wolf photo
    Barbara Wolf, PhD
    MAHPP Training Director

    Corporate Director Behavioral Health Education and Physician Wellness
    Associate Professor, Michigan State University Colleges of Human and Osteopathic Medicine, Depts. of Family Medicine and Psychiatry

  • Jennifer Carty PhD
    MAHPP Internship Program Director

    Academic Behavioral Health Program Director, Internal Medicine and Family Medicine, McLaren Macomb
    Clinical Assistant Professor Michigan State University Colleges of Human and Osteopathic Medicine Department of Family Medicine and Psychiatry

The McLaren Academic Health Psychology Programs' (MAHPP) Clinical Health Psychology Internship provides a twelve-month advanced training experience for doctoral-level candidates. The comprehensive training program prepares graduates for independent practice as Clinical Health Psychologists. Graduating interns will be capable of assuming roles in clinical activity in a variety of settings, making meaningful scholarly contributions within healthcare settings, and being active in relevant professional organizations. The internship is graduated in intensity.

The MAHPP CHP internship has four major aims. Upon graduation, interns who complete the one-year Clinical Health Psychology internship will demonstrate the following:

  • Competency in Clinical Health Psychology practice
  • Advanced knowledge of Integrated Primary Care model of service delivery
  • Expertise in hospital and ambulatory practice involving a transdisciplinary model within a team process approach
  • The ability to critically review research, adopting a commitment to lifelong learning

In line with the program aims, the internship trains psychologists to achieve competency in Clinical Health Psychology. MAHPP has adopted the APA Health Service competencies. These competencies include:

  • Integration of science and practice
  • Ethical and legal standards
  • Individual and cultural diversity
  • Research and/or program evaluation
  • Professional values and attitudes
  • Assessment
  • Intervention
  • Consultation and interprofessional/interdisciplinary skills

MAHPP Internship has submitted an application for APPIC membership and is awaiting a decision. We have also submitted an accreditation self-study to APA in December 2024.


The MAHPP Health Psychology Internship is recruiting for its inaugural cohort of interns to begin in August 2024. This section will be updated after the first cohort of interns graduates from the internship training program.

How to Apply

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The McLaren Academic Health Psychology Programs (MAHPP) is seeking accreditation in the specialty area of Clinical Health Psychology by the American Psychological Association (APA) Commission on Accreditation.

Primary Training Site

Mount Clemens, Michigan



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MAHPP Internship Manual


Interns will complete 4, 3-month long primary rotations, which are described below. Interns will also complete a variety of longitudinal experiences that will provide an opportunity to foster relationships as a cohort and have continuity in their internship. The longitudinal experiences are also described below.

Sample Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
AM Didactics & Supervision Outpatient Psychotherapy Primary Rotation Primary Rotation & Supervision Primary Rotation
PM Primary Rotation Outpatient Psychotherapy Primary Rotation & Supervision Primary Rotation Group Supervision & Admin/Research Time


MAHPP Interns will enjoy a robust didactic curriculum that Interns will receive at least 4 hours of supervision weekly. They will receive 1-hour of supervision for outpatient therapy cases, 2 hour at their primary rotation, and 1 hour of group supervision. Some supervision at the primary rotation will include precepting supervision to allow for “on-the-fly" supervision and supervision that is modeled after the medical precepting model that their medical residency peers will be receiving.


Interns will be provided a robust didactic curriculum scheduled weekly for 2 hours, which will include topics in a variety of health psychology and clinical psychology. The curriculum is presented by MAHPP core faculty, adjunct faculty, and guest speakers. Interns will have time protected from their clinical duties during didactics. Didactics are provided utilizing a variety of teaching methods including, lecture-based, interactive, and case-based. Didactics will utilize a hybrid model to allow for experts throughout the geographic area to provide lectures. Additionally, interns will complete the Academy of Lifestyle Medicine Curriculum. Preparation for the EPPP licensure exam will also be included in didactics to ensure that interns are well-prepared to pass the EPPP exam at their internship's completion.