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At McLaren Health Care you are part of a special tradition of family-centered maternity care that has been trusted for generations. From prenatal classes, to the time you and your baby return home, skilled physicians and childbirth specialists strive to provide a safe, comfortable and relaxing environment, ensuring a first-class experience for you and your family.

What To Bring

Packing List for the Hospital

About a month before the baby is due, families will want to begin packing a suitcase for the trip to the hospital. There are several items that should be considered:

  • Any childbirth class notes or guidelines and labor hints
  • Eyeglasses as well as contact lens case and solution
  • Massage aids- tennis balls, rolling pin, wooden massagers
  • Massage oil or lotion
  • Comfort aids- rice sock, herbal heat pillow, aromatherapy, socks for cold feet
  • iPod, smart phone, or CD player for music to help with relaxation
  • Lip balm or moisturizer
  • Hair brush, clips, ponytail holders, head bands and rubber bands
  • Mouth care items: toothpaste, toothbrush
  • Camera/video camera, extra batteries or battery charger
  • List of names and phone numbers of people to notify
  • Calling cards for long distance calls; cell phone and charger
  • For labor partner:  snacks, drinks, drinking cup, mints, change for snack machines

For Mom, after birth:

  • Comfortable clothes for lounging & sleeping: robe, slippers, nightgowns, sweat suits
  • Bras:  If breastfeeding-nursing bras 
  • Underpants
  • Shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer, comb/brush, other hair care items
  • Make-up, deodorant, lotion
  • Baby's "memory" book -- for footprints or staff names and guest signatures
  • Clothes and shoes to wear home (a loose outfit; something you could wear at five months pregnant)

For Baby:

  • Clothes for hospital baby photo
  • Clothes for baby to wear home
  • Baby cap or hat
  • Booties or socks
  • Mittens to keep baby from scratching face
  • Few diapers
  • Gentle baby wipes
  • Blanket(s) and outer wear for going home (as much as the season dictates)
  • Car safety seat

The Hospital will provide:

  • Pairs of disposable panties and sanitary pads for during the hospital stay
  • Disposable newborn diapers, enough for the hospital stay
  • T-shirt and a SleepSack for baby during their stay

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