Childbirth Classes

McLaren Greater Lansing is now offering expectant parents labor support classes located right at the hospital.

This one-day course is led by an experienced nurse educator and gives and exclusive perspective where you learn more about the birthing process at McLaren along with receive a tour of the facility that will better prepare you for the big day.

Learn directly from McLaren nurses who will be caring for you during your labor and delivery. The class includes a full range of preparation and techniques for laboring and post-labor care.

Segmented into three parts, the class includes:

  • The labor process; how to know you are in labor; when to come to the hospital, and caring for yourself during the last weeks of pregnancy.
  • Hospital admission process; labor positioning and comfort techniques; and pain control options.
  • Delivery and postpartum care including reviewing instructions on what moms can expect in the postpartum period; review normal versus abnormal newborn findings, and warning signs for mom and baby that may need immediate attention.

The class is currently being offered to those who will be delivering at McLaren Greater Lansing’s Birthplace and are in their third trimester (after 32 weeks) and their partners on the third Wednesday of each month.

Class Schedule

  • Wednesday May 15, 2024 from 5-9pm
  • Wednesday, May 20, 2024 from 1-5pm
  • Wednesday June 19, 2024 from 5-9pm
  • Wednesday July 17, 2024 from 5-9pm
  • Wednesday August 21, 2024 from 5-9pm
  • Wednesday September 19, 2024 from 5-9pm
  • Wednesday October 16, 2024 from 5-9pm
  • Wednesday November 20, 2024 from 5-9pm

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